Four Ways to Learn Italian with the Italian Mind – Online Course, App, Podcast & Weekly Chat.

Plus 20 of the Best Ways to Learn Italian in 2023.

The Italian Mind basic course is organized into over 200 bite-sized lessons. Each lesson is 30-seconds to 5-minutes.

The online course has over 200 lessons with lifetime access, free scheduled tutoring, a free weekly online group lesson, our community (the Piazza) and access to our app all for $79.99.

The app is jam packed with awesome bite-sized audio flashcards and dialogues to help build your vocabulary, grammar, and Italian conversational skills.

The podcast is loaded with bite-sized basic Italian conversations with free quizzes. Francesca also breaks down the Italian conversation highlighting important Italian grammar and content in English in our bonus episodes.

Our Community is a great place to connect with fellow students, ask Francesca questions, create study and conversation groups, and is home to fun updates about Italy and learning to speak Italian.

Every Friday our students, podcast listeners, and app users can join our weekly group chat at Noon Central.

Check us out. Enroll for free. The first lesson section is free to make sure you love us as much as we know you will. Still not sure?

Jump Start your Italian with my 20 Best Ways to Learn Italian in 2023.